Cleaning Tips for Moving Out

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Cleaning Tips for Moving Out

If you’re a renter, then you most likely will have to prepare for a move-out inspection in order to get your full deposit back. Here are a few tips on making sure you don’t miss a thing so that you aren’t charged any damage fees after moving out.

  1. Remove all staples and nails you have in the walls, ceiling or doors.
  2. Use a magic eraser all-purpose scrubber to remove any scuff marks on walls, floors, doors, etc.
  3. Remove all the shelves and drawers from your refrigerator and freezer, and place them in the dishwasher, then wipe down the interior.
  4. Use oven cleaner to remove any baked on food that may be in the bottom or sides of your oven. Make sure to keep your windows open for this!
  5. Use a multi-purpose cleaner to wipe down interior and exterior of cabinets.
  6. Check light fixtures for bugs or built-up dust.
  7. Clean out all of the sinks with either multi-purpose cleaner or powdered cleaner, depending on whether it’s stainless steel or porcelain. Be sure to scrub around the edges where build-up lurks.
  8. Thoroughly clean the tub and toilet with a safe, powder bathroom cleaner.
  9. Wipe down any closet shelves and built-in mirrors.
  10. If you have any carpet stains, treat them with a spot-treatment spray and a vacuum.
  11. Use oil soap to clean wooden floors.
  12. Clean all windows, window ledges and blinds thoroughly.
  13. Take pictures of the apartment and keep for your records in the event that your landlord or apartment complex accuses you of damaging the place.

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