5 Things That are Harder to Move Than You Think

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5 Things That are Harder to Move Than You Think

You may be able to tell the items in your home that will be difficult to move. Large furniture, heavy appliances, and delicate glass all require special care and are thus difficult to move successfully. However, other things may surprise you may not expect can surprise you with how difficult they are to actually move. Let’s take a look at five of these things and discuss why they’re such a monumental task in order to help you better prepare.


No matter how big or how small it might be, an aquarium is always a challenge to move. You can’t leave fish in the aquarium because they’ll either hop or fall out, or get hurt when the water swishes around during transport. So you’ll have to take them out and put them in a temporary container, which isn’t too difficult. However, you also need to pack and transport some of the water from your aquarium, which involves painstakingly draining it. This can help you maintain the same bacteria colony your fish are used to and give them a better chance of survival in their new home.


Like your fish, plants are living creatures as well and can be harmed by the stress of a big move. If your plants are temperature-sensitive, don’t transport them with the rest of your possessions in a moving van; it can damage them. Likewise, you will want to re-pot any plants that are in delicate ceramic pots in order to protect them. Additionally, the larger a potted plant is, the heavier it will be, meaning large plants can be strenuous.


It’s highly likely that your artwork has both tremendous monetary and sentimental value, so you’ll want to handle it with extreme care. Intricate frames can have a number of small, easily breakable parts and the large, exposed face of a painting or photograph is a spot that is prone to punctures if it hits the corner of a box or piece of furniture. You’ll need to wrap your artwork securely in bubble wrap (paying close attention to easily-breakable spots, and place them well-away from anything that can potentially puncture them. Also, avoid using newspapers at all costs as the ink can transfer off the paper and ruin the art.

Flat Screen TVs

Televisions have become more detailed and better than ever before, but moving them has remained just as difficult. Televisions may be thinner than they ever have been, but they’re still quite heavy, and now have even smaller and less-protective frames around them to protect the delicate electronics inside. You’ll want to make sure the entire screen is protected with a thick, padded blanket and is placed up against a flat wall away from anything that might puncture it. Wrap the edges of a television with bubble wrap as well, particularly for those with thin or “edgeless” frames that offer very little in the way of impact protection.


Most people know pianos are difficult to move, but few realize just how difficult they are. Pianos are extraordinarily heavy (up to 1,200 lbs. in some cases) and have numerous awkward angles which make them difficult to lift. The many moving parts mean there are delicate parts that must be cared for both inside and out. And there’s always the risk of yourself or someone helping you getting hurt when moving. In these instances, it’s highly advised you hire a piano mover who has the special dollies, equipment, and knowledge to move your prized instrument with as little risk as possible.

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