How To Pick A Professional Mover

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How To Pick A Professional Mover

The first place to look is the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). Every honest mover and vendor is a member of this organization. To be a member, the company must meet a stern set of guidelines that ensures this company has proper license, insurance, cargo coverage, and a strong set of values to protect you as a shipper. If something goes wrong during the move, the AMSA offers free arbitration to the shipper at no charge. Go to ProMover's website here.

The next place to check is your local Better Business Bureau. It does not matter if the mover is a member or not a member. The upside if the company is a member is that the BBB will help the consumer file a complaint and resolve the complaint with the Member only. If not a member, you are on your own. Go online to the Better Business Bureau and check out the companies ratings: Ratings are A+ to F. Anything less than an A+ Rating, its best to stay away from that company.

Question to ask a mover

  • How long have you been in business.
  • What type of trucks do you use for the move. Ask to see their trucks. If you can get a real movers truck, its a better value.
  • Do you hire day labor
  • Do you have a facility
  • Do you have cargo coverage. Do not move without this!!!!!
  • Make sure they have Workers Compensation. This protects you against a lawsuit in case of an injury on your move.
  • Never except a phone quote for your entire move. Phone quotes are non-binding estimates. Its better to lock in a hourly rate or ask the mover to provide a free in-home estimate.
  • Always ask for a not to exceed estimate only.
  • Never hire a company based on rate only. There are scammers who will suck you in with real low rates and then the day of the move charge you more than a legitimate mover.
  • Do they publish their rates online.
  • Do they have a professional Website.
  • Ask for a copy of their license.
  • Are there any hidden charges!!

If you book your move online, get something in an email detailing the services and rates of the company.

Purchase some form of cargo coverage for your move. Deductibles can range from 0 to $250, $500, $750. Without proper coverage, the mover may offer you anywhere from 0.20 cent per pound up to 0.60 cent per pound. For instance, if your sofa weighs 150 pounds, you would get at .060 cent per pound this would pay $90.00 coverage only. If your $2000.00 TV Weighs 70 pounds, you would get $42.00 dollars coverage at .060 cents per pound.

If you are moving long distance, do not book your move over the phone. This is dangerous and will lead to a disaster. All major van lines have agents in every state. Contact 2-3 of the van line agents and request a free in home estimate. Ask for a not to exceed estimate only.