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Blog Posts in October, 2016

  • 5 Ways to Prepare for Moving to a New City

    Bannister Moving & Storage has you covered as far as the actual moving of your belongings to your new location, but there are some things you can do to make your personal transition much more enjoyable. Below is a list of 5 things to do before the big day: #1 Get a Handle on Your New Life: Visit Your New City Before You Move If this is at all possible, it will make a huge difference in how you ...
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  • How to Pack Books Without Breaking Your Back

    You’re moving, and no matter how great your new place is going to be, it’s nothing without your library. Not only do your books mean the world to you, but they also look pretty sweet once they’re organized and displayed just the way you want them. The problem is that you have so many, and their weight really adds up. Here are a few systems you can put in place to minimize physical harm: Smaller ...
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  • Tips for Moving Out of State

    This can be a daunting task. Right now, a million things are running through your mind, and you feel like there’s no way you’re going to get this done right. There are many reasons you could be moving out of state: new job, new start, chasing a dream, or helping out a family member. Whatever your reason, your interstate move is a new chapter in your life and should be anticipated, not feared. Here ...
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  • What Questions Do I Ask My Movers?

    So many moving companies in this industry treat your belongings a little rougher than they should. These are important things to you, and you’re not sure they appreciate that fact. It’s important for you to be active in their process to make sure that your things are being moved safely, and also that you’re not going to be nailed with a huge, unexpected bill at the end. You probably have a lot of ...
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  • How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

    3 Simple Guidelines to Follow Even if you are excited for your big move, we know that you probably don’t feel the same way about all the little things you will have to plan and endure. Part of the beauty of working with Bannister Moving & Storage is that we are always looking to make this as easy on you as it can possibly be. Once we show up at your home, we have everything taken care of—but here ...
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