5 Ways to Prepare for Moving to a New City

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5 Ways to Prepare for Moving to a New City

Bannister Moving & Storage has you covered as far as the actual moving of your belongings to your new location, but there are some things you can do to make your personal transition much more enjoyable.

Below is a list of 5 things to do before the big day:

#1 Get a Handle on Your New Life: Visit Your New City Before You Move

If this is at all possible, it will make a huge difference in how you adjust to your new city. Go there as a visitor and observe the weather, how the city works, what kinds of public transportation are available, and also how the people are in general. Going there as a visitor gives you a jump on the natural learning curve that’s present when you’re in a new environment.

#2 Get Around Faster: Learn the Street System

This is a great thing to do while you’re visiting, but it can also be done on the internet to a lesser extent. Moving to Los Angeles, for example, requires a local’s knowledge of its vast freeway system. If you’re moving to San Francisco, you’ll benefit from knowing that Geary Street is pretty much your center point of reference for everything. Get familiar with the ways that you’re going to get around.

#3 Don’t Waste Money or Gas: Decide What to Do With Your Car

If you’ve visited the city, you’ve had the chance to get a feel for the parking situation there. Some buildings will offer you your own parking spot, while others require that you brave street parking or pay for monthly parking elsewhere. Leaving your car behind seems like a wasteful move, but if it will be nothing other than a burden on your daily life, you may seriously want to consider that option.

#4 Make Sure You Don’t Forget the Little Details: Notify the Necessary People of Your Move

The big day is coming up and you’re going to need to let some important people know. You want to notify your utility servicers to shut off (or transfer service for) power, water, and gas, since you don’t need it anymore. Make sure to notify the postal service to continue receiving your mail in your new city. Finally, you also want to notify creditors or any other parties who would be interested in your address change.

#5 Get Closure for Your Old Home: Leave on Good Terms

Now that you’re prepared for life in your new city and you’ve hired Bannister Moving & Storage to handle your stuff for you, you want to make sure not to burn any bridges to your old town. Give your previous employer enough time to find a viable replacement (unless you’re moving cities for the same job!) and don’t forget to give a proper goodbye to the friends and family who are going to miss you.

Have going-away parties/dinners/lunches, do “one last ___” with old friends, and reconnect with people you haven’t spoken to in a while. All these things help you to build a lot of good memories of your hometown that will keep you going in an unfamiliar new city.