How to Pack Books Without Breaking Your Back

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How to Pack Books Without Breaking Your Back

You’re moving, and no matter how great your new place is going to be, it’s nothing without your library. Not only do your books mean the world to you, but they also look pretty sweet once they’re organized and displayed just the way you want them. The problem is that you have so many, and their weight really adds up.

Here are a few systems you can put in place to minimize physical harm:

Smaller Boxes

We get that you want to do this move in the least amount of trips as possible (it’s the same principle behind trying to grab 28 grocery bags in each arm for the walk from your car into your house). Also, it seems like you can handle that giant box of books, but you don’t need to! Make things easier on yourself and just use smaller boxes that you can more comfortably carry back and forth.

Lining Lighter Boxes with Your Books

You’re going to be moving many, many boxes. You’re putting your entire life into confined, cardboard spaces. Some of them are going to be lighter than others, and here’s where you can capitalize: line the bottoms of your lightest boxes with a comfortable number of books. The idea here is to distribute the total weight of your library into all of the boxes you’re packing.

The downside to this method:

Your books are going to be all over the place and unorganized when you get to your new place. You’ll have to unload the books you used as lining into your new book case as you unpack each box. Once you’ve got them all in there, you can always go back later to organize them.

Incorporating a Moving Dolly

Moving is much easier with wheels (we’ve known this for a long time as human beings). If you do this right, you never have to heave up a box of books. Here’s the process:

Place an empty box open on the bottom of the dolly. Unload books straight into the box. When ready or full, place a new empty box on top of the full one. Begin unloading more books into this new box. Continue stacking boxes on the dolly until you’re at a comfortable weight to roll. Now your books are being moved by the power of the wheel!

However you choose to move your books, or anything else for this matter, always be sure to follow the old tip and lift with your legs, not with your back! You’ll be enjoying your new library’s home soon enough.