Tips for Moving Out of State

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Tips for Moving Out of State

This can be a daunting task. Right now, a million things are running through your mind, and you feel like there’s no way you’re going to get this done right. There are many reasons you could be moving out of state: new job, new start, chasing a dream, or helping out a family member. Whatever your reason, your interstate move is a new chapter in your life and should be anticipated, not feared.

Here are a few tips to help you knock out the logistics so you can start enjoying it like the adventure that it is!

Know Your New Place

Physically visiting your new home is the ideal way to get to know it before moving. If you can’t get out there, Google your soon-to-be new address and take a virtual tour of the area.

  • Size the place up: Is it bigger? Is it smaller? Take your own pictures to really understand every nook and cranny of your new place for when you get back to your current place.
  • Visualize: Picture how you’re going to use the space. do you have more stuff than this new place will hold? Not enough stuff? Start planning what you’re going to need in each room. This will help you relax because you’ve personally become familiar with your future home.
  • Get a feel for the area: This also helps solidify all of the abstract things you have in your head right now. Check out where you’re going to shop, where you’re going to pick up milk, where you’re going to hit golf balls, where you’ll meet new people. This helps you get used to the new life you’re going to lead in this new state.

Know Your New State

Different states aren’t exactly new worlds within the United States. You won’t need to learn a new language. There are, however, subtleties that vary between states that you’ll want to be familiar with.

  • What are taxes like there? You may be delighted to learn the answer to this question if you’re moving to states like Oregon or Florida.
  • Should I learn how to surf/rock climb/hunt? A new state usually means new landscapes. Learn a little bit about what people do for fun in the state you’re moving to, and especially how they handle its weather.

Plan Your Life in Your New State

This is the source of all of your unanswered questions. How do I move my life from here to there? Your world is full of details: electric bills, driver’s license, insurance policies. Here’s what you do: notice every little thing you use in your life daily and monthly and ask yourself the question, “How will I do this in my new state?”

Make notes of these things in a giant, master list and begin taking care of them individually.

  • Mail? Notify the postal service of your address change. Check.
  • Internet? Cancel my service or transfer it to my new address. Check.
  • Prescriptions? Talk to my doctor and see if he’ll move them to a pharmacy near my new house. Check.
  • Dr. Pepper? They probably have Dr. Pepper there. You’ll probably be okay. Check.

For each of the necessary things in your life, there is someone to call to help you move this necessity to your new state. The key is the master list—update as you think of new things, and cross items off once you’ve solved each little mystery.