What Questions Do I Ask My Movers?

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What Questions Do I Ask My Movers?

So many moving companies in this industry treat your belongings a little rougher than they should. These are important things to you, and you’re not sure they appreciate that fact.

It’s important for you to be active in their process to make sure that your things are being moved safely, and also that you’re not going to be nailed with a huge, unexpected bill at the end. You probably have a lot of questions, but here are the right ones to ask. Every question should pertain to one of the three Cs: Credibility, Care, and Cost.


This is the first thing you can check for, preferably long before your collectible glass figurines of Disney characters are in the back of their truck.

Here’s what you can ask to know that your movers are the real deal:

  • What do other people say about them? This is relatively easy. Check them out on social media, read Yelp! reviews, and see if they have video testimonials. You’d do this for the romantic interest you just met at the coffee shop, so you should definitely do this for the people handling your stuff.
  • Are all their employees in uniform? This is very noteworthy. If they aren’t, it could mean that your company has just picked up strangers to work for the day, and now, your bowling trophies are being tossed around by someone who doesn’t even normally do this for a living.
  • How long have they been in business? Young companies tend not to have it all figured out yet. A company that’s been around longer has boiled moving down to a science.
  • Can I see Proof of Insurance? They’ll give you their word, but this is something you want to see for yourself.


Now that you’ve found a company you feel like you might be able to trust, you need to ask questions about how they plan to handle all of your fragile, glass sculptures of Bambi.

Here are a couple questions to ask for peace of mind in the travel:

  • Where do they wrap and pad my furniture? Furniture should be wrapped and padded in the house before it goes anywhere near a truck.
  • How do they handle valuables? A quality mover will tell you that you should handle the small valuable things you are worried about. If that’s not possible, they should discuss coverage options with you again.


You feel good about John and his team’s abilities to move your things safely and securely to your new home, but now you’re wondering if John and his team are going to ruin your credit with a massive bill at the end of 5 times the quoted amount.

Here are the questions to ask so make sure that doesn’t happen:

  • Will this take your movers multiple trips? If they have small trucks, or if you have a ton of stuff, they may need to take more than one trip. This, of course, costs you more money, let alone time.
  • What are their hidden fees? See if they are going to charge you for gas, if it costs more for a two-story place, or if they’re going to nickel and dime you on the tape they use. Let them know you’re savvy and want to cut to the chase.
  • Was that quote they gave me over the phone a guaranteed price? It was not. It may be lower, it maybe be higher, but you want honesty in your movers.
  • What supplies are included in the move? Check and see if you’re paying for all of the little things they used, like the dolly, the pads, or the shrink wrap.
  • Can I have a Not to Exceed estimate instead of a Non-Binding estimate? A Not to Exceed estimate is one that gives you top dollar and assurance that your move won’t cost more than that. This is a better way to go than a regular estimate, which can be pretty flimsy. This way, you know you can cover that estimate, and maybe you’ll pay even less.