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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Common Obstacles Encountered When Moving

    It’s no secret that moving can be complicated. From coordinating with your new destination to packing your belongings, it’s not uncommon for moving parties to encounter a few bumps along the way. Fortunately, you can keep these issues to a minimum by being prepared and anticipating certain common problems. To avoid a hair-pulling nightmare of a move, keep an eye out for the following common ...
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  • How to Avoid Being Scammed by a Moving Company

    It’s no secret that moving can be a stressful experience. While many moving companies understand these feelings and will handle certain tasks to make the relocation process simpler for their clients, other less reputable movers may attempt to take advantage of their clients while they are in this vulnerable state. While a Craigslist ad for cheap moving services may sound like a great bargain, you ...
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  • Have a Library? Pack Your Books Safely for Moving!

    Are you proud of your library? Do you take pride in your collection of books and novels? Books can be a prized possession, particularly for those who love reading and expanding their minds to new horizons. While reading is great, moving books isn’t so much. While a single page may seem nearly weightless, combine tens of thousands of them and paper can suddenly seem immensely heavy. This means ...
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  • Five Common Things People Forget to Do When Moving

    It’s super easy to become distracted and preoccupied with an upcoming move, which means other things you would normally consider can often slip your mind. As professional movers, we see people forget about important things all the time, and the consequences of what happens when they do. So to help you prepare for your big day, on this blog we’ll discuss five things people often forget to do, ...
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  • Five Common Moving Day Mistakes

    Moving day is extremely stressful, and the busy days that lead up to it certainly do not help the process get any easier. However, making mistakes on moving day can only compound the problems, costing you valuable time, money, and even risking damaging valuable property. If you want your move to proceed as smoothly as possible, then it’s important to not only prepare for the day you move ahead of ...
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  • Five Tips for Safely Moving Furniture

    Are you moving? If you are, you’re likely dreading having to lift and transport your heavy furniture. Moving furniture is an extremely difficult task that results in injuries, frustration, and even damaged property when mistakes are made. However, you can avoid them with a little extra preparation and planning. Here are five tips that you can follow which will make your moving day easier by ...
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  • Things You Need to Know About Hiring a Moving Company

    There’s no way around it—moving is hard work. Packing up your life and moving it from one location to another is never easy, and is much less so when you have to worry about working or taking care of your kids. Want to reduce the stress? Hire a professional! A reputable moving company can take a load off your mind by handling the difficult and often tedious work of securely packing, loading, ...
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  • 5 Things That are Harder to Move Than You Think

    You may be able to tell the items in your home that will be difficult to move. Large furniture, heavy appliances, and delicate glass all require special care and are thus difficult to move successfully. However, other things may surprise you may not expect can surprise you with how difficult they are to actually move. Let’s take a look at five of these things and discuss why they’re such a ...
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  • What to Get Rid of Before You Move

    When are you are beginning the moving process, your first thought may not be that you should downsize, but in all reality this is an excellent place to start. Just think, the less you have to move, the less supplies you will need, the less time you will have to spend packing , and the less it should cost you overall. It may seem like a lot of work to have to go through all of your personal ...
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  • Want to Save Money During Your Move? Follow These 10 Tips

    If you are about the uproot your home and move, whether locally or far away , we realize that it can be a stressful experience. The good thing is that it does not have to be a costly venture if you know how to prepare for it. Follow these tips to avoid breaking the bank during your move! Keep a budget. Before you spend a penny, make sure you have a planned list of expenses mapped out. It can help ...
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