Five Tips for Safely Moving Furniture

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Five Tips for Safely Moving Furniture

Are you moving? If you are, you’re likely dreading having to lift and transport your heavy furniture. Moving furniture is an extremely difficult task that results in injuries, frustration, and even damaged property when mistakes are made. However, you can avoid them with a little extra preparation and planning. Here are five tips that you can follow which will make your moving day easier by helping you move heavy furniture more successfully.

Disassemble What You Can

Do you have a desk that you easily brought into your room but now have no chance at getting it out? That’s probably because you assembled it in that room. Self-assembly furniture can help your home look great on a budget and can be easily moved into nearly any room. However, now that you need to remove and move it, you’ll probably need to disassemble it, and you should do so even if you don’t necessarily need to. Use the proper tools and remove the pieces that hold your furniture together and place all hardware and small pieces into a sealing bag. Once the furniture is disassembled, tape the bag of pieces to the furniture, and load it into your moving vehicle. Then re-assemble it when you arrive at your new place!

Don’t Work Alone

Moving is a difficult task with a team of people, so moving a large house on your own is monumental and, realistically, impossible. You should never try to move large and heavy furniture on your own, as that’s a great way to not only tire yourself out, but probably injure yourself as well. Even with all of the proper tools (more on that in a moment) it’s still super easy to get hurt trying to be a hero on your moving day, which will only slow the process down more and lead to a long recovery period before you can fully get settled in your new home. Whether it’s asking friends for a favor or hiring a moving company, you should get help however you can.

Get the Right Equipment

Manpower is one thing, but moving becomes much easier when you have the right tools for the job. Have something large and bulky you need to move, like a couch or giant cabinet? Put in on wheels using a furniture dolly! Need to carry several boxes at once? Use a hand-truck! Whether it’s a properly-sized box, bubble wrap, or a pulley system to lift a heavy object, the right tools can take a back-breaking task and make it fast and easy with less strenuous lifting. Ask a your moving company about renting dollies or carts to make the job easier; usually they’re available for just a few dollars more per day!

Wear Proper Clothing (Including Footwear)

Proper attire for moving is important. For one, moving is a physically strenuous task: you will be getting sweaty. Second, it’s also rather dirty, and you’ll be kicking up dust everywhere. This means you won’t want to be wearing your best clothes for this process. Dress for the task at hand and make sure you’re comfortable, but make sure you’re wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, worn out, or even possibly torn should an accident happen. Your footwear choice is also important. If you’re moving large, heavy objects across the floor, the last thing you want to do is expose your toes to it, risking them getting run over and crushed. Close-toed, comfortable shoes are a must for moving day, no exceptions.

Lift Properly

When lifting heavy objects like furniture or large boxes, how you lift will not only increase the amount you lift, but prevent you from getting injured as well. Never use your back as the primary muscle for living objects; always lift from your legs, bending at the knees, and keeping your back straight. Don’t pull heavy furniture, push it when you can, as this allows you to use the power your legs have. Finally, move slowly when possible. Moving too rapidly can lead to missteps, trips, and potentially serious injuries and damage to possessions when they fall and hit the ground.

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